ABOUT Michael Colaizzo

Michael Colaizzo has always distinguished himself as a leader in the high-end residential sector in the Greater Montreal region. He advanced to the top thanks to his drive and his enthusiasm, but especially due to the passion which motivates all his actions: Excellence.

He has acquired his customers’ gratitude, recognition and loyalty, both buyers and sellers. His customers not only appreciate his dedication, his integrity and his loyalty, but chiefly his efficiency to position their properties on the most favorable markets.

Famous for his skills in negotiations and all financial aspects of a real estate transaction, Michael Colaizzo ensures that both sellers and buyers finalize their contracts to everyone’s satisfaction. Unquestionably, his excellent reputation and his proven track record to date, make him the perfect broker for those who are looking to buy or sell a property.

Michael Colaizzo is always seeking for improvement, continuously learning more about all legal aspects of real estate. He is constantly innovating when it comes to image building and marketing strategies. Proof of his avant-gardism is his strong presence in the social media.